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Do you own premium domains? Are you looking to sell? If so, we can help! You are welcome to submit your domains for our brokerage service. Usually we will get back to you within 3 days.

We specializing in helping domain owners sell domains to the Chinese end users and domain investors. We work exclusively with:

.com domains:

.cn domains


.net domains

If you are unsure about whether your domains are suitable for our brokerage service, please feel free to send us your domains.We will review the domains and let you know.

We leverage our network of relationships and our trusted reputation to get your domain names in front of the buyers with the highest and best use for your domain! There are no upfront costs associated with this, we only get paid when we succeed. The normal commission for our brokerage service is 15% of the final sale price if the domain is sold to an end user or 12% of the final sale price if the domain is sold to an investor. Our minimum brokerage fee per transaction is $1000.

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Phone(USA) : +1 6789019388
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Why Choose Us

Here’s why you should choose Guta

  • We’re Ethical - We represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction, but never both.
  • We’re Connected - We know and have worked with many of the key players in the global domain name industry.
  • We’re Experts - We are an industry leading expert in connecting domain sellers from all over the globe with Chinese buyers.
  • We’re Focused - We focus on premium domains and provide personalized service and attention that you deserve

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